best of davis cup fashion, quarterfinal ties


feliciano-1.jpg feliciano-2.jpg
Best dressed: Against the U.S. in Winston-Salem, Feliciano Lopez wore a Nadal-esque red and yellow Nike ensemble that put Spanish colors to good use. Extra points for leaving the pirate pants at home.

delpotro.jpg nalbandian.jpg
Best team uniform: The blues and yellows of Team Argentina (against Sweden). Juan Martin del Potro and Guillermo Canas show hints of blue, while David Nalbandian goes all out, adding the yellow. Clockwise, from top left: Martin del Potro, Nalbandian, Nalbandian and Canas.

Honorable mention: The tried but true warm-ups of the Russian Team. A carryover from last year. From left to right: Andreev, Youzhny, Safin, Davydenko, and team captain Shamil Tarpishchev.

Total boo: the utter chaos that was the Russian on-court garb: Safin in green, Youzhny in blue, Andreev and Davydenko in black and white. ALL OVER THE PLACE.

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