groundhog day


Roger Federer is none closer to a career Grand Slam after he attended Rafael Nadal‘s clay clinic last Sunday. (R-Fed even dressed up his Nike schoolboy kit for the occasion.)

After watching the first set (I was awake at 6 a.m. Pacific), I fell back asleep and woke up in time for the final three games of the match.

See pics from the final after the cut…

Bjorn Borg was on hand to present the trophies Roger and Rafa.

(photos by Getty Images)



  1. butter says

    same here! I woke up @ 6 but kept falling asleep! Good thing I didn’t really miss a good match, very one-sided. But I’m always happy to see Rafa win.

    Federer should feel better, Wimby is on the way, and his pecs are looking mighty fine in that really nice shirt 😀 BTW I also like Rafa’s tee here, nice hue, any more pics of that periwinkle shirt?

  2. says

    nothing exciting to say. Just sympathizing on the tennis-driven sleep-deprivation. I remember that…now I live in the euro time zones so it’s easier…but i don’t have the channels to watch most matches. fewer matches, better sleep.

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