why ana’s coach is not sitting in her player’s box


Ok, stop staring at Justine Henin‘s cold sore and look over at Ana Ivanovic‘s player’s box. That’s right — there is no sign of her coach, Sven Groeneveld, hanging out next to her family. He’s been asked by adidas to stay neutral in this match because of his involvement in the company’s Player Development program (which both Dinara Safina and Ivanovic participate in).

The initiative, started in 2006, offers a unique mix of advice and support to both junior and senior players, from coaching tips to hitting partners to nutritional and career management plans. Other pros currently in its stable are Sam Querrey and Sania Mirza. Gil Reyes helps out with off-court training.

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  1. bella says

    justine’s herpes was flaring up yesterday. you’d think she could afford some salve for that.

    and doesn’t ana have a cute brother?

  2. says

    It’s sort of sad when Henin’s coldsore is the most exciting thing happening at the women’s final isn’t it? Also, Ivanovic’s brother looks like a Cro Magnon Man.

    Doesn’t it seem really weird that the world’s No. 1 women’s tennis player doesn’t even have a coach dedicated only to her? A) she deserves a coach who hasn’t got any serious business interests on the side and B) I find it a bit troublesome when one’s coaching staff is so entwined with one’s sponsorships. It seems like potentially ugly business.

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