fashion focus: rafa’s off-court marquer l’histoire polo


Rafael Nadal turns 22 today. The folks at Roland Garros threw him a little party with a fancy cake and gave him a portrait by artist Frederique Lorin.

And thanks to malimeda for this bit: “Check out the white Nike tee that Rafa is wearing: it has 4 years written on it (from 2005 to 2008), the first 3 crossed through for his 3 wins at RG, this year left unmarked (yet!). Underneath it’s written in French: marquer l’histoire (to mark history) and a Nike swoosh. The shirt is available in blue as well: Rafa wore both during his press conferences.”

This is how the marketing campaign appears on Nike’s tennis landing page.

Boo hoo: It doesn’t look like Rafa’s shirt is for sale. Neither is Maria’s jacket.

(photos by Getty Images)



  1. macarena says

    hola!! queria decir que amo a rafa! que es la persona mas imprtante de mi vida iq ue doi la vida pro el

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