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You know Bjorn Borg is squirming in his seat since this could be the year that Rafael Nadal chips at his record of back-to-back Wimbledon and French Open singles titles.

But rest assured that Borg’s ass is enveloped in well-constructed Scandinavian underwear from his eponymous clothing line. TSF got a sneak peek into the kaleidoscopic fall/winter collection: they bring out skivvies in subtle shades of green, brown, black, and orange clashing with blue and pink; and in cuts from tight briefs to loose boxers to loungewear, so you’ll have something for every occassion. (Archives: See what they’ve done in seasons past.)

Summer treat: The Swedish company, whose target customer is “young, averaging 15 to 30, with a fashionable sense and wants to make a statement wearing the underwear”, plans to launch in the U.S. market in August. (I can’t wait to see something other than Ginch Gonch prancing around West Hollywood.)

One pair at a time: Stockholm-based ad shop Farfar helped create the BB website, which aside from presenting the company’s latest wares and publishing an uber-casual photo blog (choice updates: Andre and Philip) also pushes visitors towards socially-conscious acts like sending old underwear to the warmonger of their choice. The winner, of course, was our own Dubya. Click on the video to see the delivery.

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(Images courtesy of Bjorn Borg)

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  1. says

    i actually saw someone wearing bjorn borg undies when i was out one time. they had a nice body too. was all i could do to not ask them about it, or have them drop trou and show them to me.

  2. doddy slamet says

    that was once in a lifetime, Borg was my favourite during my younger years. even though till today, not only his very poerful tennis but also what he has done for the sport and underwear-for me Borg is a happening he will be forever in our heart-doddy(Djakarta-indonesia) please contact me all Borg fans where ever you are-ill be waiting


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