Update: Why Janko?


TSF had a very Janko-centric trip in NYC, with the folks at Fila giving us a peek into what the eccentric Serbian will be wearing on the terre battue of Roland Garros (hint: thumbprints) — more on that later — and Men’s Vogue delighting us with a short profile.

So when we met with an editor at MV yesterday, we had to ask: why Janko? We understand why they wrote up Roger (because Anna‘s a fan) and Nole (because he’s a ham), but Janko, save for a thrilling five-setter at the Australian Open, has barely made a blip (is he even in the top 40?).

The answer isn’t so complicated: apparently, there are times when form comes before function. In the case of this magazine, which doesn’t use models for their fashion layouts, they were simply into Tipsy’s good looks and wanted to show it off. No complaints here.

If that’s the case (and at the risk of making MV too tennis-focused), I’d also like to suggest that they use Marat and Juanqui for a layout or two. What do you think?

(More: See all the scans here)

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  1. butter says

    YES! I would definitely suggest them to feature Marat as well! I mean ARE THEY BLIND?!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for that for a very……. long time!

  2. malimeda says

    Yes, Janko is in the top 40 (career-high ranking of 33), and even better in this year’s race (29). For the first time in his career he will be a seeded player at Roland Garros. So, it’s not only his good looks that gets the attention, although that is pretty pleasing – he’s manly, charming and photographs well.

  3. MARISOL says

    HEY! Malimeda is right! Janko is more than just a pretty face (ok, really really pretty face…. and body) he’s also an awesome player, there’s something truly special about the way he plays I can’t quite put my finger on, but I LOVE it. It’s probably the passion and the strengths with which he plays (win or lose). *sigh* Anyway, great blog Erwin, cheers!

    by the way… the link’s still sort of not working. :S

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