Ashley Harkleroad in Playboy’s August issue?


Hey there — back from NYC in one piece. I had lots of fun while I was away and I’ll definitely fill you in about what I did. In the meantime…

I’ve heard word that American darling Ashley Harkleroad will be appearing in the August issue of Playboy. But before you get your panties in a bunch (or try to mentally bunch up her panties), it’s not what you think: they’re just doing a profile on Ashley to coincide with her participation in the Beijing Olympics. No nudies here.

You can use this as an excuse to pick up the magazine just to read an article.

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  1. Aidan says

    Um, CNN, Yahoo, ABC News Australia, NineMSN, and 30 other sites say it will be nude. At least one pic. In fact there are news organisations with a quote from her saying that she has a great body and wants to show it off.


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