(OT) Sharply-divided California Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marraige



A sharply divided California Supreme Court today legalized same-sex marriage, a historic ruling that will allow gay and lesbian couples across the state to wed as soon as next month and inflame the social, political, and moral debate over gay unions.

Three Republican judges joined the lone Democrat in the 4-3 ruling.

More: Read the rest of the article here (San Jose Mercury News)

Celebrate: There’s going to be a big rally in West Hollywood tonight (7pm, on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd.). Sadly, I can’t make it. Instead, I’ll be making my way to New York City to help out with this weekend’s AIDS Walk!

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  1. dance-a-vic says

    Yay. Not so much for the marriage part (who needs the fed or local government to validate a loving relationship?), but great for same-sex couples
    in Cali who wont have to worry about receiving benefits like hospital visitation, burial rights, etc. Those things are basic American rights that *everyone* should have, and they shouldn’t even be bundled with marriage. But since that’s the only way to get them, yahoo. Good on all those who voted yay.

    And big ups to you Erwin for walking the Aids walk. I’d sponsor you but I’m broke!

  2. says

    Well good that the US finally shows some progress. In holland gay marriages were legal and we were the second country to allow it.


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