LCS will retreat… and set up shop out east?


As P&P had reported on Monday, Le Coq Sportif North American CEO Tim McCool will announce a reworked marketing strategy for the brand’s launch in the U.S.

Moving out: It’s highly likely that they’ll leave the apparel enclave of the Pacific Northwest (where adidas and Nike are based) and shift their management and operations to the East Coast.

Reaching out: LCS will focus on consumers of the “lifestyle” product focusing around fashion collections. Once that’s in place, they’ll move on to the “performers” aka tennis players.


  1. Elizabeth says

    I am trying to find a contact number for anyone at the Le Coq corporate office, either in North America or anywhere at this point! Does anyone have any emails or phone numbers to reach them? Our local contact has been laid off and I need to reach the Corporate office.


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