A tennis fashion gallery


More and more news/magazine portals are doing tennis fashion pieces these days. Some are great; some, not so much (like this one eschewing Borg‘s short shorts and loving Rafa‘s capris. No thank you, Martha!).

Check out this gallery out of MSN (pegged to Masha‘s 21st birthday — hunh?); you might run across some clothes and accessories that you haven’t seen Serena, Venus, or Maria wear before.

(photos via MSN)



  1. theroux says

    They panned ‘rena’s “rebel-part 2” outfit! Bastards! I loved the tank and denim skirt, but the all-black dress with buttons is stunning. She wore that when she won Beijing that year, and those are some great pics.

    And I love that lilac dress that Venus wore. She had been wearing way too much white before she broke that out, and it was nice to see her bring back the color, along with the bling. Agree with Angelique though…Vee does tend to recycle dresses too much. Remember that white dress with the zig-zag navy blue “belt” that she wore that whole year? Unacceptable. You’re Venus Williams and fashion is your thing!

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