A fashionable Rafa subbed for Roger


The loss of Roger Federer to Andy Roddick at last week’s Sony Ericsson Open created a vacuum in fashionable men’s tennis gear, but Rafael Nadal quickly stepped up to the plate. Fortunately for TSF, some good screencaps by the folks at VamosBrigade.com (plus photojournalists at the tourney) have given us a good look at Rafa’s head-to-toe Nike kit for the week.

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  1. says

    Federer is the epitome of class when it comes to fashion on the courts, even though he is no longer the epitome of class when it comes to his comments off it.

    Rafas raw style of tennis is adequately reflected in his gear, and his hair!

    It was therefore surprising to see such a stylish bag on his shoulder as the black one he was sporting on court. It’s a beautufl bag, and more suited to the undersated class of Fed than to Rafa.

    A change for the better i hope, but the bandana suggests otherwise!

  2. MMMM says

    LLodra kissed partner Clement twice today after their Davis Cup win over the Bryan Brothers. Looking forward to that post.

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