The Court of (un)Appealing tennis fashion


The current issue of Ocean Drive follows up their Maria Sharapova cover story with a fashion spread featuring ATP young guns Robby Ginepri, Donald Young, Ross Hutchins, Benjamin Becker, and Jamie Murray.

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  1. Ferrita says

    Love the look in the Ocean Drive photos! I wish these guys would translate it into their on-court attire. Howver, don’t you find it ironic that a blog about tennis fashion is now posted on site that lacks any and all style. The content of TSF is great and the original site formating was simple, but had a classic look to it. The new site looks like an 10 year old cut and pasted a bunch of advertisements together and then squeezed in a few articles for show. I realize it is probably still a work in progess, but that makes for a pretty lame debut. Love the blog, hate the new look (if you can even call it a look).

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