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No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

The summer/fall 2008 collection for NYC-based brand No Mas is finally trickling its way into stores. Journo-cum-designer Chris Isenberg looked beyond the 80s for retro sports inspiration, also including iconic moments from the 20s through the 70s.

And he didn’t just use the givens of American sports — e.g., baseball, football, etc. — but also expanded into “alternate sports history” of bullfighting, boxing, and gambling on sports. (He included the horseshoe ogo of a Vegas casino that hosted the first World Series of Poker.) Isenberg also diversified beyond the graphic tees that catapulted his brand to success. They’ve included sweatshirts, shorts, and raglans for the new line.

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

We have come to expect a tennis-inspired piece (or two) with every season. Isenberg sticks to the rivarly between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. The BJ shirts will drop in May; the “You cannot be serious” hoodie, sometime in the fall. I’ll make sure to post when they’re ripe for the picking.

Buy: Angelenos can find No Mas goods at Fred Segal and Bloomingdales. For more info, visit the No Mas site.

Browse: Our picks, plus a link to the lookbook, after the cut…

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008No Mas - Summer/Fall 2008

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