kick-off party photos: james blake and svetlana kuznetsova



I don’t care if Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like Ashton Kutcher in this photo — this is the best I’ve seen her look off-court!

Save for the slightly-too-long cuffs on that jacket, James Blake, as usual, looks pretty darn good.

(photos by Getty Images)

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  1. Elle says

    I agree about Sveta – this is probably the best she has ever looked off court. Nice to see. That dress is still a little questionable though, but I won’t complain.

  2. Terry says

    I agree, they both look great; the photo must be at an odd angle because Svet’s head looks huge compared to Blake’s.

  3. says

    agreed. sveta looks great. i find james to be the most attractive man i have ever seen and that jacket makes me sad….so sad. it looks like wallpaper.

  4. says

    She DOES look like Ashton Kutcher – hilarity! Thought she looked all right in black at the ’07 year-end championships. Blake’s sleeves are way too long.

  5. says

    “I don’t care if Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like Ashton Kutcher in this photo”

    OMG! ahaahahahaha…. but I have to agree this is the best I’ve seen her as well.

    I wish James went with all black, but i guess it’ll look too hot (climate wise).

  6. ryan says

    When I scanned down to the photo I was thinking that I have never seen Svetlana looking so good, only to find that you are saying the same thing.

    James Blake looks wooden, and the jacket is pretty darn bad. I want to see his bum (in pants, obviously). Such a great bum.

  7. supl says

    Word on the street is that Sveta is always the life of the party at tour functions… no wonder she loves getting dressed up for them!

  8. says

    All you have to do is search the internet and find better pics of her than this off-court. Also, I find she looks better off-court than when on which I would think is true for most people.

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