maria sharapova’s latest tag heuer shoot


>Maria Sharapova - Tag Heuer shoot

TSF ran across these stills from an upcoming Tag Heuer ad campaign with Maria Sharapova. Not sure when the photos were taken, but you can bet that they were shot in the last three months (when Masha adopted bangs).

Click on the photo above to browse the rest of the pictures.

What do you think of Maria as a model? Tell us!


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>> a pink tag heuer watch designed for maria



  1. womenstennis says

    Dark lipstick looks good on her. The eye make-up is also nice, she could emphasize her eyes like this more.

  2. Roy says

    Maria Sharapova is one out of a billioin. It is almost impossible for a person to be so beautiful, tall and at the same time #1 in the world at tennis.

  3. says

    maria sharapova is the best tennis player of woman in the world
    I know that she lost the french open but it does`nt matter I that
    there is going to be a next time and I know that you gonna win
    I promise and you gonna be the champion I belive in you and good luck

  4. Lilo says

    I don’t know what the big deal is with her? Very average looking. You can take most average looking females and make them look beautiful/interesting in a photoshoot, i.e. make-up, lighting, position, air brushing, etc. She’s always been very average to me. Nothing special.

  5. says

    I would like watch her as tennis star & that too number 1 position, i don’t think she does change her profession, if she interested on modeling she can when she gets time no need to change the profession i think so

    many fans will hurt by this decision .

    I’m big fan of her

    Don’t leave “Tennis”

    It’s a request.

  6. Ravikumar says

    I Like to see her as tennis Star,

    I was shock when i heard that,

    She is resigning to Tennis,

    However She is Great as Model too,

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