practice makes perfect: roger federer’s t-shirts


Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

R-Fed and his flock of seagulls had plenty of face time on the practice courts at Indian Wells this past week. With each session came a new shirt, of course. Dmitry: if you’re still having problems with losing your clothes in Miami, give this guy a call, eh?

Count ’em: See the five shirts (and counting) after the cut…

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

Nike From Concentrate Tee, $32.

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

Co-[Lab] Tee by Misha, yellow and brown, £32. This shirt is part of the Spring 2008 “Running Man” pack for this innovative line which invites designers to interpret the Nike brand. Misha Hollenbach is the Perks of Perks & Mini.

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

Co-[Lab] Tee by Todd James, red and navy, £32. Todd James is the man in charge at REAS.

Browse: See the rest of the lookbook here.

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

These two spider shirts are from the Tech Pack. You can grab the tee here (£42). An equally wonderful beetle tee for £35. Browse: See the full Tech Pack collection here.

Not pictured: I believe he was also wearing his “I am tomorrow’s future” shirt at some point. That’s nuimber six.

Roger Federer - practice - Indian Wells 2008

Oh, Mirka!

(photos by Getty Images, MTF)



  1. says

    Dear Roger,
    You know what? You could totally enhance the look of your awesome pecs if you get them waxed!!!!!!!!!!

    ….on the other hand, I love the yellow and white t-shirts!!! =)

  2. says

    hey thats kool stuff that you have in here!Fed’s been using I am tommorrow’s future T-shirt from a long time..Thanx for the info on the greatest player of all time.Btw can i use your pics on my fed blog too?kinda confused cos i used a pic from a site..they were pissy lol let me to blogs here!and do check my Fed facts page and i got more to come..

  3. Aditi says

    Hey federer!……….ur the best tennis player in tennis history! i luv u sooo muchh!…….Luv u loads!!>……keep going!

  4. Britt says

    heyy roger,
    i am ur biggest fan ever if u really do read this that is awsome cause i love u so much. i have 1000 pics on my family destop and my laptop and my phone and on my msn ur my dp pic and if u go on my myspace brittlagudi1234 something lyk that ur my layout and everything i am UR BIGGEST FAN EVER i also have ur signatured raquet and bag and i have read ur book. i play tennis and love it and wenever i am losing i think of u and i catch up . i would love to meet u. i am cumin to the aus open this yr but i cant see mens finals cause its lyk during the week and its my first week of high school but i will be seeing the womens and looking for u at crown so be there. ILOVE U ROGER FEDERER. gud luck in ur next and next and all the rest of ur tournaments luv u xxooxoxox p.s add me on msn if u have mine is

  5. says

    federer de todas as tuaas fãs eu sou a numero 1º acho que não existe ninguem que te ame mais que eu assisto todos os seus jogos amo vc mesmo que seja o numero 100 do mundo te amo .. Débora brazil

  6. says

    Becker of all your fans i number 1, i think there is nobody you love more than i watch all your games AMO VC even the number 100 of the world love .. Brazil débora

  7. Marleny Cárdenas Betancur says


  8. maria says

    He’s got a beautifully propotioned body & the reason that I find it so attractive is that he has (yes u guessed it) the ‘ right ‘ amount of BODY HAIR !!!
    His chest, forearms & legs are (like u said) awesome. The golden skin with the dusting of dark hair…

    I personally don’t like him in these cutsie T-shirts.

  9. says

    now i have the curage to write someting,today i see again the wimbeldon s ,final and after that i saw i interwie with roger and he was crying off the end off the match ,was soo soo paintfuly for my to see roger in that condition was all most shocking to see the the king off tennis in that situation.But iwant say something roger is unique he is a PELE in tennis,no other like you. excuze me enghlis i m from ROMANIA

  10. someblackguy says

    ey bro, i respect your game, your a legend, we need more athletes like you in the world.. peace
    PS: your the Jordan of tennis.

  11. says

    roger i am a big fan of u and i am seeing u from 2001 wimbeldon when u beat sampras and please try to put drop shot for nadal because he will alwys been standing back and best of luck for the final

  12. celis eric says

    te voir , pleurer me conforte dans mon opinion de l homme formidablement sensible tu es ,… dieu que j aimerais t avoir , pour ami ….j adore ton torse , en fait , ya rien que j aime pas chez toi,….Eric

  13. says

    Roger you are greatest player of All time . defenitly you will bareak the record of pete sampras of 14 grand slams and you will stand again no 1 in the world of tennis

  14. sandra thour says

    hej ! roger federer jag är ett jätte fän och jag vill stötta dig för jag vet att du kommer vinna mot nadal i US open jag kommer i alla fall alltid tycka att du är bäst i hela värden och din tjej ska vara väldigt lycklig som har dig jag älskar dig

  15. loretta says

    caro Ruggero il confronto con Nadal è come la favola della bella e la bestia, tu sei il bello e lui il muflone!
    forza n.1.

  16. imene says

    i love you federer tu le champion je t’aime et tu est mon prefere tu est le ganion en roland garros……………..
    i loooooooooooveeeeeeeeee yooooooooooou rooooooogeeeeeeeer

  17. paola quintana says

    Dear Roger, I am a tennis player and you always inspire me to be a better a player and a good person.I admire your personality and you are ever on my mind.I started to play tennis when I was 4 years old and since this moment you will be MY IDOL FOREVER!!Now Ihave 10 years old and I hope some day I can know you.

  18. says

    dear roger federer


    i love you! from alli
    you are awesome and all around just the most fandibulous greatest smartest prettiest bravest overall most awesome person to ever exist.

    thank you for being born. if it werent for you tennis would suck ass!

    iiiiiilooooooovvvveeeyoouuu and if you ever decide to come to minnesota come stay with us because we will be your servant for ever and ever and ever

    and we will support all of your endeavors as a tennis player and as a person.

    thank you.

    with LOVE!


  19. sandra says

    roger you are the beast in my life and i think on you all time you dont can understand how much i love you you face and your body all my frind belive i’m scrase becost i ondly talk about you and i have 1000 arts on you. my big drem is meet you if i see you wid my own ey i think i have drem about you agen i moush belive my I LOVE YOU you came alwes was nr 1 four my

    i came from sweden and i are no so god on english but i hopp you understand as i love you

  20. says

    Hey,Federer there are are n number of fans for you in India.Please visit India and play in some tournaments so that our younger generation can get inspire by watching you live.

  21. ady the cool says

    hey federer ur d most rocking sensation of dis generation and i am addicted to u and i promise that i will have a handshake wid u o complete ma dream . federer rocks

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