fashion focus: vania king in indian wells


Vania King - Indian Wells

Vania King wears a striped dress with that Tiffany blue/chocolate colorway that seems to be all the rage these days (my sister used it pretty well as a motif for her wedding). She played Anne Kremer in the first round of the Masters Series Indian Wells and won 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

What’s the brand? Is that Prince? If so, then I take back what I said about their lackluster spring lookbook. Can anyone confirm?

(photo by Getty Images)



  1. Monica K says

    I think it is Prince because there’s a pic of her on the Pacific Life’s website on the day of the draw and her shirt is Prince in the pic.

  2. Stephanie Myles says

    It’s Lily of Beverly Hills, from a spring collection that came out around Xmas and is hard to find already.

    It’s teal and brown. It’s awful. ;-))) Let’s just say Open Court passed on it for our personal collection.

    We can confirm, though, that the new Kuznetsova Fila is the best thing she’s had in awhile, and also works for the OPPC (Open Court Personal Collection).

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