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Potito Starace - Maradona

Kiss and make up: Italian player Potito Starace holds up a jersey signed by former Napoli forward Diego Maradona, who heckled Potito at his quarterfinal loss against David Nalbandian at the Buenos Aires tournament last month. Apparently, it got heated enough that Starace, a fan of Napoli, threatened to bash a racquet in Maradona’s teeth. With the autograph, Potito will make this water under the bridge. (Reuters)

By the way, I saw Potito at Indian Wells (playing doubles with partner Juan Monaco) and the guy is bigger than I thought!

Bausch & Lomb has a blurry future: Due to recent legislation preventing Bausch & Lomb from using their Amelia Island event to entertain physicians, the medical company will step down as the title sponsor after this year. If you have $450,000 lying around, buy yourself a tournament! (TW)

What Andy wants: Besides a new coach (likely), Andy Roddick also wants some changes made to Davis Cup. Team USA will face France in North Carolina April 11-13, 2008.

Richard Williams hates “the white man”: Were we really surprised?

College isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: For athletes in non-revenue sports (e.g., tennis), college life can be a beeyotch, as documented in the New York Times‘s three-parter, The Scholarship Divide”. ZooTennis‘ reaction: “I’ve probably been guilty myself of romanticizing the college experience; for a student-athlete, it is a very demanding four years, especially when your ‘play’ has become your ‘work.'”

Next move: Monica Seles capitalizes on her current celebrity upswing by selling her untitled memoir to Avery, an imprint of Penguin. Expect the tome on shelves by March 2009. (TW)

Did you know? Swede Jonas Bjorkman has two children, Max and Bianca. The only other tennis father I know of his Lleyton Hewitt. Who am I missing? Further reading: Check out Jonas’ official website.

(OT) Did you know? Before this week, Versace had not had any floor space at Barney’s for 15 years. Donatella Versace was on hand at a party to commemorate this occasion. The current collection, advertised with a Patrick Dempsey-centric campaign, can be seen here. (FWD)

FYI: For the Beijing Olympics, Rodney Harmon — not Patrick McEnroe — will coach the U.S. men. (src)

Flippin’ through: March issue of GQ, “Guide to Betting on Sports”: Rule #15: Russian tennis players can be bought. Ouch.

Are you a tennis family? If you and your family are hardcore into tennis and would like to be featured on Wife Swap, send me an e-mail.

(photo via Gazzetta dello Sport)


  1. Pete says

    Ivan Ljubicic has a kid…the whole family was at Indian Wells last week.

    Fatherhood more prevalent than you’d think. I’d say it’s probably 50-50 among older (30+) veteran players.

  2. Bab says

    Grosjean has kids, as well, I remember when Santoro (who’s got a daughter, btw) couldn’t join the Davis cup, Grosjean said he shouldn’t have gone to the “Tournois des Petits As” cause himself was there training with the team although his wife could deliver any day. (I remember thinking this guy had his priorities seriously wrong, too)…
    There’s Henman, too right ? And a guy playing doubles who looks a bit like Tursunov.

    Actually, I think a lot of players have kids, it’s not se difficult for them, they don’t need to recover from the pregnancy, right ? And the moms can stay at home and take care of them… pfff…

  3. Monica K says

    Hyung Taik Lee has 2 kids and Mark Knowles has a son. Jiri Novak also has a kid and so does Andrei Pavel. Fabrice Santoro’s little girl is so cute. He was in Deuce mag with her.


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