can i call for a trainer?


By now you’ve seen the videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, right? If not, watch the NSFW clips of the love, uh, square that is Matt Damon, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ben Affleck (this then this).

The other night I happened to watch a funny clip of another recurring JKL! segment (“Unnecessary Censorship”) on I’m glad I did.

I’ll never see medical timeouts in the same way ever again.


  1. Lynn says

    lol.. I saw this clip before and had the very same thought! Weird because I’m studying to be in that field. =/

  2. joshiku says

    you were featured on the homepage today, “In Sports” !!! yay Erwin!

    It’s josh by the way… check out my new blog:

  3. Mariam says

    I luved the Unnecessary Censorship clip! That was soo funny! But I gota say that I didnt like the Jimmy Kimmel clips as much, I dont kno but I felt that it wasnts that funny, they could have come up with something better, anyway, thats just my personal opinion!

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