things in life that are certain:


1) Fred Phelps is a douchebag. The pastor’s evil ways live on at the Westboro Baptist Church. Members of his congregation want to attend Heath Ledger‘s funeral, just to make sure everyone knows that his death was caused by playing one of the gay roles in Brokeback Mountain.

2) When Nole wins big, Nole takes off shirt. I’m pretty sure you can predict the future if you look closely at those swirls on his chest. See the photos after the cut…







(photos, of course, by the almighty Getty Images)

>> TSF’s aussie open coverage

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  1. says

    OMG! OMG!!!!! damn that first picture…. never knew pictures would give me goose bumps!!!! Damn that 5th photo as well…. he GOT A LOT BULKIER!!! waah….. my day just got better 😀

  2. says

    ^ First off, Lance Pharmstrong is a hilarious pun. Well done.

    Second, I hate that tennis articles keep saying “Djokovic, best known for his on-court impersonations of tennis stars…” Seriously? What does it take to get a tennis scribe who actually knows tennis? The guy is one of three premier players in the sport, takes it two the other two, and has been in the semis of the last four Slams and the finals of the last two. Ugh to you, media.

  3. Monica says

    Yes one of the many reason we love Nole…oh yes and this is the best tennis site honestly EVER…fashion and tennis and wonderfulness

  4. kalim says

    hi ther i would love one day to meet you man as am very fond of your play and tennis please keep it up and bless for bright future in your career,

    u r the best
    peace and love


  5. claire says

    Oh he’s so cute and hot!!!!!! Hope he willl become number one but it would be long!!!!
    anyway he’s the greatest!!!!!

  6. says

    “I have now I would never have agreement on Kosovo Albanians and their measures of proclaiming the independence of southern Serbian region!” Novak Djokovic said, not long after Kosovo declared independence.

    -Do you think that is easy to see murder, rape, kidnapping
    do you like jam will see and feel if you killed the family, and you raped sister
    do you think would be able to forget that the people face criminal
    I know that you have never experienced something similar and therefore do not understand us, you do not understand the pain of my people
    you and your poplli are used to assault things that you do not meet
    no, never deceive us
    Happy independence of Kosovo
    of you a terrible jet together with your people

  7. Joe says

    this is one of the best looking guys on the professional circuit and he deserves ALL the attention he can get! i just love his physique with those smouldering eyes and great smile, i hope to see more pics of him

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