porsche owners get pampered in delray beach + wall art update


Porsche promotion for 2013 Delray Beach ITC

You might as well crowdsource your marketing, right? Porsche hopes to assemble a display of its car catalog during every session of the 2013 Delray Beach ITC by luring Porsche owners with complimentary parking, valet services, and discounted tickets for the ATP Tour event. Curious to see how that will pan out. How many tennis-loving, Porsche-driving Floridians are there? And how many of them love tennis enough that they’d do to theirs what these Rafa lovers did to their Aston Martin?

Sadcakes: We were absolutely crushed to pieces after being told by Delray Beach ITC organizers that they would not be painting aquatic murals on their Stadium Court as they have done in years past. (Browse: the 2008 mural, the 2009 artwork, and again in 2011)

(flyer via Delray Beach ITC)

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    E, good to see TSF back. I hear you on the walls of art. Hox, Pete, 5 and the boys were beyond brilliant. It will always be a Delray Beach signature…It hasn’t gone away forever. We’ll always continue delivering a fresh approach. The new arena presentation will be no different in that it will provide fans and players a level of interaction they’ve never had with each other. Think “less is more”. Come on down, give it a chance. As always we’ll be looking forward to sharing “Beach” updates and hearing your feedback. Again, welcome back TSF

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