marat safin practices in melbourne


The Australian summer is so hot, boo hoo. Oh wait, those are tears of joy that I’m crying because all the guys have to practice shirtless. Don’t overheat, y’all. Drink lots of water, okay?


Terry cloth trend: I’m definitely all about the big and loose wristbands the guys are wearing right now. I don’t know where that’s coming from, but Juan Carlos Ferrero wore two in white in his Auckland match, and Marat Safin does black as he practices in Melbourne Park in between exhibition matches at this week’s Kooyong Classic.

Scoreline: In this pre-Aussie Open warm-up, Marat beat Andy Murray 6-1, 6-4 on Day 1 but lost to the other Andy — Roddick — 6-3, 6-3 the day after. On Saturday, the Russian will face off against Fernando Gonzalez for third place.

More photos: While we’ve already covered this topic in TSF’s tattoo watch, we have another look at Marat’s back tattoo (of a sun) and him practicing on the court — shirtless, of course — after the cut…





  1. Marat Safin's next girlfriend says

    I would mmmmmmmmmmmm him all night…and the morning after…and the next night….and give him some moreeeee next morning..

  2. says

    marat safinj is one of my idols, he got the package, he is strong, not handsome, yet offensively tough, everything a pro tennis player should be, however he lacks a bit of speed on the court, but backs it up with powerful backstokes!!! go saffin :)

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