drawstring pants (not!) optional


It’s OK to dress up, GI. Which is more surprising: That Thomas Muster thought his return to pro tennis might be successful? Or that Goran Ivanisevic doesn’t own a pair of dress pants? Muster’s comeback, book ended by the ATP stop in his home country of Austria, finished a year after it started, the former world no. 1 going 2-24 in that span. But really, Goran! We neeeeeeed you to class it up next time. Like, if you’re invited to Kimiko Date-Krumm‘s going away party, how about not wearing tear-aways, OK? Deal.

(getty images photo)


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    Unbelievable! Even though I consider myself Mr. Casual because I live and play tennis and golf in the Indian Wells area, I would look forward to dressing up if invited to anything close to a Kimiko Date-Krumm going away party.

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