the awl's guide to the u.s. open


The Awl‘s Thomas Golianopoulos offers his suggestion for whom to root for as the 2011 U.S. Open plays out its final rounds. The shocker: putting Sam Stosur in his list of “most annoying” players.

Read: “Choosing Who To Root For (And Who To Hate) At The U.S. Open, The Awl.

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  1. Joshua says

    Anyone who thinks Sam Stosur is “annoying” but Roger Federer is “fun to watch” (sure, if by fun to watch you mean “bring a book!”) has very little credibility. How can someone who rooted for Goran Ivanisevic, one of the most explosive personalities in tennis history, root for a guy as boring as Federer?

    On the plus side: two of his “most likable” men lost in the semis and annoying Stosur won the title. Time to pick a new team, dude!

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