eleVen by venus williams drops today


eleven by venus

Venus Williams‘ fashion collaboration with retailer Steve & Barry’s — EleVen — drops in stores today. You may remember the high profile announcement of the line on the eve of this year’s U.S. Open.

eleven by venus

The 120-piece collection — all priced under $20 — features graphic T-shirts, down jackets, jeans, sport socks, visors, and gym bags in all shapes and colors. (Venus has been previewing the line by wearing pieces from the collection during matches. See all the looks here.)

eleven by venus

The line will also feature jewelry:

“For the line, Williams has also crafted jewelry, ranging from a white bangle bracelet with “EleVen” in black print for younger fans, to a more sophisticated linked circle pendant for those in their early to mid-20s (“You can go out and wear this at a dinner or the club,” she says). “

And don’t forget about the disbelief-suspending V-Court sneakers, the collection’s signature item, which comes in a variety of colors (including teal, purple, pink, and silver). I’d like to think that my shoes need more than $20’s worth of protection when I play tennis, but hey I’m no expert.

There’s a Steve & Barry’s local to me so I’ll be checking out the store later this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t be a madhouse; I’ll try to take a peek at the clothes and possibly talk to some shoppers. (I’d buy some clothes but, alas, the guys have been snubbed yet again. Perhaps there are sunglasses or a tote bag in my future…)

(photos via EleVen)

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