click play, and let the guessing (and grunting) begin


Can you nab a perfect score? Last week we told you how the mainstream press had a heyday over the news that a Wimbledon official had decried the grunting in the women’s game. Well, they’re not quite done yet, folks. The team at Slate has put together this hilarious, brilliant and inspiring quiz where you click through ten (short!) clips of grunts and must choose the correct grunter out of four players offered. TSF East recorded a nine out of ten (so close!). What was your score? Click the image above to play the game and then tell us your results below.


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    I don’t how it is the term grunting ever came into vogue when it comes to what some of the women tennis players are doing. It doesn’t at all capture the exhibition they put on display. But a rose by any other name…will smell as shriek. Whatever you want to call it, get ready because Serena and Azarenka will be going at it. To put some perspective on the matter, check out the hilarious video on youtube. The women grunt but it’s McEnroe that has the final say.


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