1. anawnamas says

    this is GENIUS. and those are some nice sheets

    too bad people who hasn’t seen the original will not get this.

    8 years to get a clothing sponser aaaaaaahhaaaaaahhaa

  2. says

    ahahaha…OMG E!!!! this reminds me of the “britney fan” crying on youtube!!!!
    I want to see this on PTI and Around the Horn on Monday! aahhaha

  3. FeFe says

    Leave Kolya alone!
    — He never had a night match at the US Open 2007. (Think of the sun exposure to his brain!)
    — No shoe sponsor. (It can’t be easy to fill Marat’s shoes as a Russian tennis player. Of course, there would be room to order tea for two.)
    — “The” retires from Tennis Channel and is fielding offers from Hollywood and being considered for the Hall of Fame! (Press releases don’t write themselves people.)
    — Wife Irina is a psychologist. (Does the man never have a moment to not worry about his performance?)

  4. FeFe says

    When your nickname is “Powder”, you can’t imagine how hard it has been to keep Martina Hingis away!!!! “No, Black Widow.”

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