sunday survey: an omen for a-rod?


A bad sign? In the semifinals of Queen’s Club on Friday Andy Roddick was absolutely drubbed by Andy Murray, 6-3, 6-1. Should the American worry? He doesn’t think so. “Everything he touched turned to gold,” Roddick said after the match. “He played great. I felt like I hit the ball well.” But no matter what the American said, it couldn’t have felt great to be run off the court by Murray after his long layoff, that saw Roddick miss the French Open. Should Roddick take special meaning in his loss to the world no. 4? Tell us below.

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    Pre-game I thought it could go either way. No telling what will happen if they meet in Wimbledon.

    Murray also thinks his play was one of those things which he can’t deliver to order.

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