paper doll serena + digitally preserving tennis memories


paper doll serena

How fun is this?! HP‘s “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign with Serena Williams included this paper doll page with four outfits: (from left to right) an Aneres creation, her Nike 2004 U.S. Open dress, her white 2007 Wimbledon dress, and its pink French Open counterpart.

Moving the outfits onto Serena triggers a short video with comments about each dress from Serena, Jill Smoller (her agent), and her sister Lyndrea Price. Try it out here.

(This is what Masha paper doll outfits should have looked like!)

Meanwhile, I think that HP can take this a step further by customizing the Gwen Stefani tourbook for tennis fans. Imagine your pics folded into a tournament program. An on-site kiosk can print one out for you (it should cheap enough these days) or have a high-res PDF e-mailed. I’m so over the bland programs they hand out.

Anyway, I haven’t quite fleshed out the idea, but I’m just putting it out there. I think it’s cool to get autographs on balls, t-shirts, and caps, but I feel like there could be a novel way of digitally documenting a tennis fan’s experience.

Any thoughts?


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