focus: the women get their lacoste shoes, too


I hope you weren’t fretting, ladies, because the folks at Lacoste haven’t forgotten about you. Last week TSF previewed the the men’s line of their latest athletic shoe collection, Repel, and today we show what they’ve cooked up for the gals.

The shoes, designed with the input of Richard Gasquet and Tatiana Golovin (and scheduled for a Spring/Summer ’08 release), are a far cry from what Lacoste creative director Christopher Lemaire produced for the company’s casual wear arm.

Take a look at the shoes below. What do you think of ’em? Tell us!

Repel Black/Glaieur

Repel White/Silver

Repel White/Bahamas

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  1. alexandra says

    i really like them but my favorite is the silver one. doesnt the black and orange one look like a men’s shoe? anyways i like the idea of having Richard Gasquet( one my favorites) and tatiana golovin contribute to the design process, seems reliable that pros will actually wear it too.

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