focus: lacoste's repel shoes drop in spring '08


The folks at Lacoste were kind enough to send TSF some more photos of the Repel line we told you about back in July.

French players Richard Gasquet and Tatiana Golovin had their hands in developing this collection, which features shoes with great “breathability” and support — and a distinct honeycomb design.

(For those who are interested, Lacoste designed a clay court version in the white/navy colorway.)

Lacoste will also concurrently release a line of Gravitate shoes (which we love love love). It will have the same athletic elements as the Repel line, but will feature a “finger-like stripe lace system that literally wraps around the player’s foot, providing the utmost comfort and support.” We’re big fans of the brighter colorways on the Gravitates.

Browse: The close-ups of the Repel and Gravitate men’s shoes are below the cut. (Don’t worry, ladies — you’ll get your own post.) The shoes will drop in time for the Spring/Summer 2008 selling season.

Love ’em? Hate ’em?: Tell us what you think.

Gravitate White/Louve

Gravitate White/Kerguelen

Repels close up: The honeycomb design on the shoe’s side; the Lacoste crocodile.

Repel Black/Coccinelle

Repel White/Classic Green

Repel White/Navy

Men’s exclusive: The men get a clay version of the Repel.

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  1. Mike says

    I am saving up for a pair.

    I’ve been needing new workout/tennis shoes Lacoste has me sold.

    It is a nice mixture of classic lacoste styline and modern nike-eqsue elements. I am not all about the kicks like some people, so i am no expert but I like them.

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