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Blogging at the Open: Many many to follow, but my hats are off to the New Yorker’s The Sporting Scene, the New York Times’s U.S. Open blog, and The New York Observer’s take on the Grand Slam. (Le sad that Gawker can’t get into it.)

Heaven forbid Ticketmaster lose money: NYPD cracks down on scalping at the Open.

Apples and oranges: The American Heart Journal publishes a study which concludes that baseliners and serve-and-volleyers have different hearts.

Kolya candid about controversy: Nikolay Davydenko faced the press after his first round dismantling of wildcard (and junior) Jesse Levine. He talked openly about how he’s been dealing with the gambling scandal that he’s the center of.

Speaking of juniors: Irvinian Michael McClune is also out. (ZooTennis)



  1. Michael says

    excellent- thanks for the links. I was not aware the New Yorker was going to be covering.
    I actually just wrote Nick Paumgarten recently to complement him on his profile of Mort Zuckerman; but also to remind him that I had contacted him 10 years ago, after he had wrote a really fun piece in the Observer about being at the Open…I contacted him to see if he had any tips for getting into tennis journalism, but he didn’t. Anyway, he didn’t remember the piece himself, and I don’t think it’s even gettable online, since its past the Observer’s archives.

    My favorite quote from his dispatch? Love this:

    “Worst of all is when the producers cut to a shot of the coach and/or girlfriend at the very moment the two players are meeting up at the net for their post-game handshake, the one moment, usually, in which the players may exchange remarks, glances, affections, or grievances, after wordlessly beating the crap out of each other for hours.”


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