roger's u.s. open shoes: a closer look


I (heart) NY: More from New York Magazine’s coverage of the 2007 U.S. Open, this time a close-up of Roger Federer‘s shoes.

Nike continues with style from Wimbledon (photo) but switches to a white/silver/blue colorway to match Roger’s blue polo. They used black for the monogram and red for the three marks on each shoe (that’s one mark one for each U.S. Open title Roger has won so far).

What do you think of his shoes? Tell us!

(photo via New York‘s Daily Intelligencer)

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  1. Ryan says

    You know that the “F” is a combined R and F right? I like it. It’s like a symbol.

    About the shoes, they rock. But he rocks, so yeah.

  2. says

    The shoes are cool – better than those at Wimby, sure. Still sour that the champ couldn’t summon a single word about Ms. Gibson.

  3. Cro-magnon tsonga says

    does ANYONE know where you can get your hands on his custom air zooms ? I want these & his night black ones & was thinking about writing NIKE to see if nobody else knew

  4. says

    Yes — I remember someone mentioning that a few pairs were sold to the public on-site, so perhaps eBay? I dunno, though. Readers? Can someone help Cro out?

  5. Cro Magnon Tsonga says

    haha hey erwin
    thanks for taking a vested interested in someone responding to my comment definitely appreciated but completely , 100% unncessary. now I was aware they had 300 pairs on site but I wasnt aware of it until the tournament CONCLUDED so I didnt have a chance. I know mars says they still dont reproduce it but they need to make them for roger consistently so why not be able to make then whenever ? plus its just a little tweaking of his new zoom IV that came out. Im certain if I annoy enough or hit the right person I would be able to have someone @ NIKE corporate give me positive feedback if it were possible to attain

    thanks again though man

  6. Marsolan says

    Hello everybody, thank you si much for your mobilization on that case.
    IL try to contact Nike corporate. If somebody see it in a shop, tell me quickly. ;/)

  7. Cro-Magnon Tsonga says

    Hey Guys –
    Thanks again for any action taken. I have sent an email out to Oregon to contact NIKE tennis directly & hope a few of you will too so maybe they will give it more attention then just a single email.

    Hopefully with your help & some time we will eventually come across A pair whether its his australian , wimbledon , or US Open shoes in black or white

    appreciate it


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