folks ruffled by caro’s latest dress


We here at TSF West are giddy about the dress adidas by stella mccartney dress Caroline Wozniacki debuted during her match today against Sloane Stephens at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Calif. We’d seen this ruffled number in pics and saw it (on the IW grounds) two nights ago.

Seeing it on Caro led a lot of folks to spew the snark but I beg to differ: that color’s a nice, cool shade that’ll work well through the French (similar to the blue dress Maria Sharapova wore in 2009) and all the sheer cutouts and the ruffles will come to life especially during Wimbledon’s moratorium on color. Besides, no one was complaining when Maria Kirilenko was wearing this stuff (granted, MaKiri’s match record didn’t give the outfits much airtime) and the label’s sensibility hasn’t changed. So what’s different? I think it’s the way Caro wears clothes. She doesn’t have the knack for carrying an outfit. Exhibit A.

Really, leave the ruffles alone!

Scoreline: By the way, Caro, as the top seed, moved on with a win over wildcard Sloane Stephens 6-3, 6-2. We don’t see her facing any stiff challenges until a potential meeting with eighth seed Vika Azarenka in the quarters. (Draw: Women’s Singles)

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(photos by TSF)

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  1. Christina says

    What’s different is that these clothes are still made for someone of Maria Kirilenko’s proportions, but Caroline Wozniacki is wearing them. She is not built for these designs, she’s just not. They look heinous on her. Whoever thought this would be good marketing should be fired.

    Agree that it’s a nice colour, though.

  2. jobu says

    I’m sorry. It’s not just the ruffles. Those cutouts are very badly (unfortunately?) placed: it makes it look like her breasts have fangs! And now that I’ve said it, you’ll never look at that dress the same way again…

  3. dave says

    This design rivals Venus’ “Alice in Wonderland” catastrophe from the Aussie Open.
    Vaguely depressing. I don’t think anyone is built for these designs except for the ego of Stella McCartney.

  4. says

    Now that someone has said that it makes it look like her breasts have fangs, I can only picture this dress as a Where the Wild Things Are creature. Egad. But yep, the logo patches are eyes, and the adidas logo is a nose.

    Brilliant color. I do love that. But yes, again, an unflattering silhouette. Dear Stella, get your groove back.

  5. says

    Definitely a great color for Caroline. A deep purple might even be better. The dress itself is nice (like the ruffles), but could be a bit more custom made to fit.


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