shirtless: novak on the beach


Taking a dip: Is Nole losing weight? Should we be worried?! It’s a little hard to conjure up feelings of concern when a shirtless Nole is in the picture, right? Here’s Novak in Malibu. We’re hoping for plenty of shirtless shots of the Serb from Indian Wells this week. (photos by TMZ via Towleroad)



  1. eric says

    Narrow skull, narrow chin, narrow shoulders…

    Seriously, what’s all the fuss? The guy is winning things, so he’s now hot as well?

    Besides, he is so needy and uncool it’s not even funny. This is a deal breaker even with perfect looks.

  2. Conrad says

    Too bad we can’t see his legs or butt in these pictures. Novak is really playing well. Hope he keeps it up!

  3. Laura says

    @Eric… your loss. :)
    Many people with obvious good taste have the hots for Nole, but it has been like that even before he won anything. He’s a sexsymbol on the internet, just google him and you’ll find many sites that feature Novak on their hunks list. Personally I think the guy is gorgeous and I like his body like it is, an athlete’s body. Hottest guy on tour with a very natural fit body. Roger is even skinnier.


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