todd woodbridge: "[kim] looks grumpy; boobs are bigger"


UPDATE: Watch the video on New Zealand’s 3 News

In a light-hearted, but hilarious moment from the post-match interview between Kim Clijsters and Todd Woodbridge, Clijsters turned the tables on the former Aussie star and revealed a text message he had sent to Renae Stubbs:

Woodbridge text, recalled by Kim: “[Kim] looks very grumpy and her boobs are bigger.”

Clijsters recalled the text during the post-match interview, and Woodbridge thanked Kim for the “end of my television” career before signing off. More of the exchange:

Kim: “Rennae Stubbs showed me a text you sent in which you said you thought I looked pregnant.”
Todd: “Well, are you?”
Kim: “No.”

(photo via getty images)

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  1. Nez says

    this was all over aussie tv here and quite funny too. its great seeing competitive tennis on the courts, but its also nice to be reminded that most of these guys are great pals off the court, while on the tour


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