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We here at Tennis Served Fresh always get a little verklempt everytime we hear a breakthrough story. Yes, we felt that way even about Alexandra Stevenson before her craziness bubbled to the surface. The latest subject is 6’9″ North Carolinian John Isner, who helped University of Georgia nab the NCAA Men’s Team Championships in 2007.


Just look at those bushy, Gyllenhaal-esque brows.

This week he is tearing through the draw at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, where he faces Andy Roddick in tomorrow’s final.

John was a basketball player until his sophomore year of high school (I’m sure Tim Henman and Gael Monfils are doubly sad losing to a late bloomer).

He also has a very very confident and supportive mother. God bless her cynical soul.





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    Count me among the impressed. Six weeks on the tour and he’s knocking out the likes of Haas? And playing strong tennis against Roddick? What impressed me the most was that, even as tired (and sweaty!) as he was in the second set against Roddick, he never looked like he thought he was on the verge of losing. He’s got a great attitude for a rookie.

    Yeah, he’s got a lot of work to do to be a credible major threat (where he’ll probably have to play more than three sets, and anywhere but the US Open he won’t get a fifth set tiebreak), but the serve alone will take him into the top twenty in no time. The rest of his game can take a little bit of time to develop, because he’s got such a huge weapon to keep him out of trouble.

    On a related note, did anyone else notice that all five sets played in semifinals (Roddick’s two and Isner’s three) went to tie-breaks? Sure that has a lot to do with how well Isner and Karlovic serve, but I wonder how many other instances that’s happened?

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