jurgen melzer’s all-white adidas shoes


Quads are made for lunging: TSF saw Austrian Jurgen Melzer (we really need to stop thinking he’s German) work for his first round victory at the 2010 US Open. His pesky opponent? Dmitry Tursunov. Melzer needed five sets to advance and fell three rounds later to Roger Federer. (This week, in Japan, he lost in the second round to Troicki.)

Restraining order be damned, we’re not quite done with our Jurgenmania: he’s made us drinks, we’ve shared moments in the loo, and now we’re looking at his shoes. As we watched that US Open match against Dima, we noticed these all-white sneakers. What’s brewin’ over at adidas R&D? (By the way, Melzer’s since gone back to the CC Genius II Synthetic.)

More: All our US Open pics (including more of this white shoe) after the cut…

(photos by TSF; Melzer lunge image via Getty Images)



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    Saw these treads up close on US Open grandstand vs JC Ferrero. I love Adidas, and Melzer, truly do — esp. his 5-setter vs Murray also on grandstand, in ’08 — but am I the only one who thinks these shoes look orthopedic?

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