flashback: agassi's racket



From designer Damian O’Sullivan, after Agassi‘s last match at the 2006 U.S. Open: “This weekend Andre Agassi played his last game of professional tennis, bowing out as he did against the 11 year younger Benjamin Becker. Three years ago, [I] designed a tennis racket for HEAD Sport AG bearing Agassi’s face on the blade of the racket. Although the tennis racket was never produced we would hereby like to show it one more time as a last tribute to the great man of tennis.” (MoCo Loco)

Another Damien: The pickled shark by artist Damien Hirst, entitled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, heads to the Met later this summer. Owner Steve Cohen, who bought the piece for $8 million, has arranged for it to stay at the museum for at least two years. (FYI: the original shark started disintegrating almost immediately after its initial exhibition in 1999; the replacement should stay intact much longer.) (NYT)



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    para mi andre agassi es lo maximo, aun que no lo conosco personalmente, para mi es una persona muy agradable , sencilla, carismatico, y en el tenis es muy luchador , y muy guapo es un caballero a carta cabal , mis mas respetos y su familia, me gustaria conocerlo es lo que mas anhelo, aun que se que nunca sera, por que soy pobre, pero me contento con verlo y entrar al internet, mis saludos especiales para el y espero que nunca cambie con las personas , que lo nesecitan , bueno me despido y lo mejor de la suerte para el y su familia, que de paso estan bellos sus hijos bye bye atentamente su fans rosario …peru

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