justine in armani



Jujube dips her toe into the fashion pond with some Armani by posing for next week’s issue of Le Soir.

Not lookin’ so good in that pantsuit… but I give her props for trying to glam it up.

What do you think of these pics? Tell us.

justinecover.jpg justine5.jpg justine2.jpg justine1.jpg

(via WTAworld.com)

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  1. says

    I almost didn’t recognize her on the cover (just almost okay 😉 )

    not to be mean or anything, but this is probably the first time she looked more like a woman (at least in my eyes). she should keep up this look, it works for her.

  2. says

    Ew. I’m sorry but these pictures just don’t work for me. I know Justine is trying to branch out and get in touch with other parts of ‘herself’ post Pierre, but these are just NOT HER. PIMM.

  3. nocturne says

    nez, i don’t think justine will ever wear a dress on court. she probably wouldn’t be able to play well coz she’ll be uncomfortable. and look at the clothes she picked for the photoshoot — no skirts at all.

    nick, negotiations for this photoshoot took 9 months, meaning justine and pierre-yves were still married when giorgio armani asked her to model his clothes, so this isn’t entirely post PY.

    topspinme, i so agree with you! :)

  4. b says

    UMMM justine wears skirts all the time on court….. in fact, more often than not.I don’t think she chooses outfits that flatter her….. but she is usually in a skirt or skort. Rarely plays in shorts. Have not seen her in a dress

    I don’t like what the makeup artist did to her face & the extensions lookn like she borrowed Venus’ castoffs – but it’s a huge improvement over her usual

    love the pantssuit

  5. nocturne says

    b, i meant no skirts in the armani photoshoot, and no dresses on court. i have seen hundreds of her match pics from way back in 2001, so i do know she wears skirts on court. :) i think she’s obliged to wear on court whatever the latest collection from adidas is, and that usually means skirts. she can’t recycle previous outfits or use her practice shorts/shirts during play.

    the extensions are kinda weird, esp when you could see where her real hair actually ends. and the cover looks like it’s been photoshopped. her make-up in the bed pic looks off, but i think the rest are okay. :)

  6. Kim says

    I think she looks nice, but it just isn’t ‘our’ Justine (I’m a belgian, if you were wondering about the our).

    She might not be the most feminine woman in the world, but she is so sweet and has a pretty face. Nice to see that she is enjoying herself mere again on and of court. Something to do with the fact she got rid of PY?? 😉


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