nike’s us open tees


Didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the shoes, but here’s a glimpse of the tees available at the Nike store on the grounds of the US Open.

I’m glad they kept the Delpo tees up even though the defending champion has been sidelined with that wrist injury. And thanks for playing along, random guy at register!

Picks: If I wasn’t on a clothing shopping ban, Id’ve picked up that McEnroe-inspired Ace of Clubs tee (bottom row in the picture on the right).

(photos by TSF)



  1. says

    TSF on a clothing shopping ban. What has the world come to?

    Have to say though there’s a U.S. Open Vintage Tee with my name on it. But I won’t say which one so it won’t sell out before I get there.

  2. says

    None of this year’s USO merch caught my eye, at least not the first time around. We’ll see if anything pops out when I go back tomorrow…

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