WANT: a better tennis bag


We here at TSF West cannot stop thinking about the lack of sleek tennis racquet bags for guys. The only alternative to the logo-emblazoned packs are the stuff designed for the country club set (read: for the ladies). We’d be in heaven if Jack Spade decided to jump into the fray. Hmm, perhaps we should make one of these bags ourselves?

In the meantime, given the option between an off-the-rack bag or this one with PONY HAIR, we’ll go with the latter…

Buy: Traci Bags Natural Cassia tennis bag, $695, tracibags.com

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  1. Matt says

    years ago I was at a specialty shop in the distillery district of Toronto and the shop Lileo had a an upto 80% off sale and guess what i got???????

    A Jack Spade Racket bag for $85 including tax! (original was $500 or so) so he did make them once upon a time.

  2. says

    Where did you even find a tennis bag with a pony tail, WTF. The Jack Spade idea is a great one, we should all start a petition, start a TSF X Jack Spade special collection. I think it’s worth a try, haha.

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