fuzzy yellow (eye)balls: oakley x stpl


Oakley celebrates its 35th anniversary by collaborating with Staple on issuing new versions of the eyewear company’s designs, each tied to a sport in which Oakley has a solid presence.

First up (released July 13) is a tennis-themed version of the Eyeshade, a style that debuted in 1984. The entire frame’s coated in tennis ball fuzz; note the lines — inspired by a tennis court — over the right eye of the lens. They’ve only produced 150 of these puppies, unfortunately, so if you get a hold of one, feel free to gloat and drop TSF a line. (What do you think of the glasses? Tell us!)

A cycling take on the Jawbone (that’s the style Janko Tipsarevic wears) will drop on August 1. Golf, surfing, and snowboarding will also get their own makeovers. See the entire lineup here.

(images and info via Highsnobiety.com)

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