curtsy from afar


Serena Williams will have to over night the Queen a pair of binoculars slash see-through-buildings glasses if she wants the Queen to see her well-practiced curtsy on Thursday. Not only was Serena bounced from Centre Court, the defending champion has been relegated to Court 2 for play, being upstaged by Caroline Wozniacki for Queen’s-court bidding.

In all seriousness, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen, who is making her first visit to Wimbledon since 1977, will only sit through the Andy Murray match (up first) and then do the Venus Royalty Wave (cup the hand) and peace out.

(image via wimbledon web site)



  1. Carolee says

    Serena did meet the Queen, along with onther Champions, including Fed, at a lawn event… I am sure she did cursty! Fed looked outstanding!

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