fashion focus: farewell, maria (pt. 1)


Now that Venus Williams has blown Maria Sharapova out of the Wimbledon rain puddles, a quick look at some of the upset victim’s other Nike accessories, which the clothing sponsor provided her for the tourney.


First, her gym bag — a similar style to Federer‘s gold-accented duffle but with a more feminine silhouette. I much prefer Roger’s bag to hers…

Maria also wore a short-sleeved cropped warm-up jacket in a black/white colorway.

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think!



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  1. Cheese Whiz says

    I really think the dorsal fins on her back impeded Maria’s movement. Or she’s just leaden-footed. Venus, on the other hand, should watch her own back. I’m pretty sure the entire case of America’s Next Top Model 84 will be trying to steal her legs.

  2. says

    Maria was fine. Perhaps it got windier during the second match on Centre Court, though, because Serena was clearly distracted by her dress — the wind kept on giving her Marilyn Monroe moments (as Mary Carillo put it).

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