in music video, rafa needs no butt double


No Doubles: Rafael Nadal makes a surprising appearance as the male lead in Shakira‘s new music video, Gypsy. As usual, Shakira is awkward and practicing strange dance moves throughout the video (we wouldn’t expect anything else), but we’ve gotta give Rafa credit for his charm and ah-shucks-I’m-still-a-boy-at-heart attitude. It shines through even in this setting.

And for the record, he looks great shirtless off the court too and no, that’s not a butt double.

(image via Yahoo! Music)


  1. Tic says

    Love the smiles and giggles from both. They obviously like each other. And it’s eyecandy galore, of course. Rafa is that rare combo of sweet & charming hunk.

    Also, great fun and distraction for him from boring rehab of his knee.

  2. says

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