on roger's wimbledon getup


After seeing Roger Federer‘s Wimbledon outfit (specifically, his bag), a reader writes:

“I just clicked and there was the giant girl bag. I half-expected Paris Hilton to pop out… I’m hoping he pulls out a new and more ridiculous accessory for each round culminating in a gold skull cap with ‘RF’ embroidered on it… My money for 3rd round accessory: gold sceptre!”

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  1. says

    LOL…Paris Hilton would be appropriate since she’s out now. So why not? As to the golden sceptre that would be interesting but if I were Mr. R-Fed I would focus more on the game because there are some guys out there that could carry away this year’s title. R.Fed is the king on grass but nothing lasts forever. Could 2007 be the year of change? Hey Rodg: do u REALLY wanna add another swiss flag to your golden nike shoes? Then u better beware of Nadal ’cause he might just surprise u if he reaches the final…

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