mirka does the amanda


You know we couldn’t make it through the entire Australian Open without at least one post on Mirka, right?? Well, today our favorite plus one gets her mug shot compared to Amanda Knox, the famous Seattleite know for, well, if you don’t know, then read the story.

Maybe if Mirka and Amanda were look-alike besties Mirka could help her out with her court troubles? Roger speaks Italian, right?!

See the look-alikes after the cut.

We’re thinking Mirka works as a “What-Amanda-Know-will-look-like-in-10-years” portrait. What do you think??

(images via getty)



  1. Courtney says

    Ouch! I am not a big Mirka fan, but I must say I kinda see the resemblance, but then again I do not.
    Foxy Knoxy doesn’t have Mirka’s bling bling going on either 😉

  2. Denise says

    Hmm, Amanda has that creepy undertone to her; Mirka does not. Still, I wouldn’t mess with ether one of them….

  3. says

    haha, i’ve ALWAYS thought they looked like twins. thought about sending it in to Wertheim’s mailbag but wasn’t sure if it was an appropriate comparison given the Knox case.


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