fashion focus: venus has a midas touch


Venus Williams‘ current love affair with gold, as told by these pictures of her courtside chair at Wimbledon: above is the same gold hobo bag (with bamboo handle) that she brought to the players’ party last weekend, and below is the limited-edition gold Wilson [K]Factor racquet that the gear company designed for her and her sister Serena.

This follows her accessories from the French: gold hoop earrings and a gold butterfly hairpin.

What do you think of the bag? the racquet? Tell us.


  1. P. R. says

    I’m not into gold – and I don’t think she has any fashion sense whatsoever. I’m wondering what happened to her dress or skirt – she looks like she’s wearing her panties – those shorts are soo short – disgusting!

  2. Kahuna says

    UGH! We totally agree with P.R. on that the shorts she wears are absolutely NASTY. Maybe she sees something positive about having to constantly pull them out of her *ss like Nadal?! Disgusting. She is supposed to be representing Women’s tennis and yet she doesn’t seem to have a CLUE.

    The sooner someone puts her out the less we have to look at such a nasty display.

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