fashion focus: venus' drop earrings


Venus Williams wore simple drop earrings to accompany her Reebok attire for her second round match against Hana Sromova.

BROWSE: If you’re looking for ones like hers, you can get some inspiration here.

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    I recently wrote about Serena losing one and then removing the other hoop earring she wore recently during a match a Wimbledon.
    Venus should also be wearing Pierce-Mate and or Clear and Drop Stops to stop the dangle earrings from riding up and out and for the following same reasons as her sister.

    See below:

    Serena needs to wear Pierce-Mate with any and all of her pierced earrings. This amazing product will do a number of things for her. First of all, it will hold the weight and stabilize the earring.

    Simple physics goes into effect here. Pierce-Mate’s holding power is spread out over a larger surface area of her earlobe behind the ear as opposed to the post or hoop wire being concentrated on just the hole in her earlobe.

    Pierce-Mate is an inconspicuous clear medical grade adhesive tape first applied to a clear round plastic disc and then applied to the back of the earlobe.

    By using Pierce-Mate, Serena will also avoid causing tearing damage as the earrings move around with her vigorous movements. This simple to use daily and effective product will also help maintain her natural earlobe shape and avoid a drooping, elongated look. In a sense it will give her dragged down earlobe an ear lift while all of her earrings will just look better on her ears.

    By the way, you don’t have to be a tennis star to wear these inexpensive products to look and feel good.

    Pierce-Mate can be found at

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